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Cindy Qu, aka Lovenemy - transpacific philosopher, writer and artist in Miami

Cindy Qu aka Lovenemy is a philosopher, writer, and artist. Currently working on her two books - "Lovenemy" and "The Self-Made Networker", a memoir and a guidebook, she also creates philosophical and inspirational quotes to motivate people and bring about social change. As a self-taught artist, she enjoys traveling to explore and capture beautiful things. The ordinary people from all walks of life and every corner in the world are her muses and heroes.

Please introduce yourself and tell us your first impression of South Florida.
First, thank you for having me here. I’m honored to be featured in your amazing magazine. I enjoy reading the SFL myself, for it captures the best fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends in Florida, and most importantly, I could always get to read some very inspiring stories of new artists and other personalities from Florida.

About myself, my name is Cindy Qu, aka Lovenemy. I’m a philosopher, writer and artist who flies frequently for work between New York City and Asia. I traveled to Miami a lot when residing in the big apple, like many people do. I remember the first time I landed in Miami, I was in a very heavy winter coat, and it was almost the New Year’s Day. Guess what, the people on South Beach not only did not stare me with a confused look, but could not stop shouting out “Hi” and “Welcome” or just “hi five” me. From the first day, I got a taste of how super friendly and fun people from South Florida are!

That’s very nice to hear. What experiences from your Miami trips inspired you to create?
Still, the people! You know how I was immersed in the great “worry nothing, just enjoy life” atmosphere every time I was here. You see people from different parts in the U.S. or even far away in the world, whenever they come here; they give up their sleep to catch the never-ending vibrant vibe. I’m a HUGE fan of reggae. I could not stop moving my body when passing by the restaurants on South Beach. Almost every restaurant is playing reggae and you just want to dance to it!

As an artist, there is no doubt this kind of vitality is what we are fond of most. Every day you wake up, you are eager to go out and watch people. Many times, you are moved deeply by their love of life just by seeing they are enjoying themselves. This kind of simple little joy brought me great happiness and inspired me to create.

Cindy Qu, aka Lovenemy - transpacific philosopher, writer and artist in Miami

Speaking of art, what kind of art do you do exactly?
I’m a visual artist who specializes in photography. But what distinguishes me from most photographers you see is probably my amateurishness. Ha-ha. I don’t do art for full-time job. I used to work as a director at a multinational consumer electronics company and am heading to law school for my JD degree this year. I guess doing photography and art for pleasure gives me an edge to think and act differently. For example, I call myself a “cell phone photographer.” Until now, most of my works have been shot with a $300 cell phone and a tripod. I know many people would not agree that a cell phone can create great visual work, but I especially like how easy and carefree it is to shoot with a smart phone rather than those fancy SLRs.

Also, I don’t like do the editing and polishing of photos. My philosophy is to embrace the truthfulness even it is not perfect looking. I especially don’t want those touch-ups to ruin the original beauty captured in a never retrieved timing. Those big smiles, wind blows, and sentimental feelings are better left the way they are.

Well, that’s some very refreshing style of doing art. We notice you are also a philosopher and writer, do these two titles help shape you as photographer and artist?
Absolutely! Great question. Philosophy, writing and photography seemingly stay in different genre, but I happen to find they are interrelated pretty much. You will benefit a lot in the three of them if you can, which comes backs to what I just mentioned in last question, think and act differently. As a philosopher, I strive to explore those thought territories that nobody has touched. As a writer, what I’m good at is to reflect on my past and blend my takeaways from it into my expectations about the future. And last but not least, I do photography as an embodiment of my philosophies, thoughts and experiences. It is an incredible medium for me to visualize my other two types of works.

You sound like an all-rounder. Anything else about you or South Florida you want to share with us?
Thank you. Yes, I do want to mention one thing which I’m also enthusiastic about - fashion. South Florida has no shortage of beautiful people and trendy fashion. I am a frequent customer of several fashion shops here. I particularly like the designs of their beachwear like swimsuits and maxi dresses. I love wearing these lovely outfits to my photo shoot, while I am also my own model, and stylist. I will do mix and match with them sometimes to accommodate the scene and style of the shoot. The best part of fashion in South Florida- the price tags: If you are like me, who craves for unique and creative designs which are quite affordable, come here often because I’m sure I will!

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Cindy Qu - transpacific philosopher, writer and artist in Miami

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