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Going to South Beach with the Kids

Miami is an all time favorite for adults. With year round weather, beautiful beaches with soft white sand, and a great night life, Miami is a mecca for tourists However, what most people may not know is that Miami is also a great place for kids. There is a lot more do to in this exotic city than just the beach and the babes. Miami is always at the top for families because it offers every time of entertainment possible. Way before Disneyland opened in Orlando; children were flocking to the Miami Seaquarium, Parrot and Monkey jungles. Today, with lines getting longer at Disney, more people are coming to Miami, which is not also nicer than Orlando but is a great place for kids.

Miami has ample places to stay and there is accommodation to fit every type of budget. If money is no object, stay at Loews Miami, Marriott or the Doubletree Grand Hotel in Biscayne Bay. These luxurious hotels will provide you with every amenity possible that will make you never want to go home.

South Beach is very kids friendly and easy to navigate - you just have to watch out for the skate boarders. There are plenty of shops, bars and cafes along the beach and you will not go hungry.

For those who have never been to Miami start the trip at Bayside marketplace that has every type of shop you can think. Here you can buy all types of souvenirs to take back home. The historical district is located just north of the marketplace and there you will see Miami’s iconic landmark; the Freedom Tower. Here your kids will get to learn about the Cuban heritage, which is now integrated in the fabric of Miami society. Also located in this area is the heart of Latin Caribbean.

If it is too hot, then take trip to the Miami science museum that is devoted entirely local birds of prey and has an incredible planetarium and laser show. While you are at the Bayside market place, consider sailing the El Loro pirate shop where you will get a great view of the city. The ship sails past the Venetian islands and waterways, where you will get a glimpse of homes of the rich and famous.

Not tired yet?

The Miami Zoo is open all year round. For kids this zoo is special because there are interactive exhibits, photos and even audio labs that permit children to recognize the distinct voice of animals. There are educational programs at the zoo in the afternoon and kids are also encouraged to feed injured resident pelicans that are recovering at the Pelican Feeding Encounter.

If you love land activity, a visit to the nearby Enchanted forest Elaine Gordon Park is a must. One can go pony riding on the nature trials during daylight.

If your kids love water, head to Oleta River State Park where there are safe swimming options, less congestion and there are facilities for a picnic, outdoor showers and food vendors.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a 2.6-acre natural attraction that is fun for both kids and adults. Here you will see unique wildlife and exotic plants.

Crandon Park is the place to go if you just want a tan and be near water. This gentle beach is ideal for young children. In the afternoon you can take a stroll to the promenade where the older kids can roller-blade or ride the carousel.

If time permits, go and see the following also:

Kids will love Jungle Island, which is a 22-acre rainforest, with more than a thousand species of tropical birds, animals and plants. There is also a petting zoo and bird show. Relax and have lunch at some of the many waterfalls and streams located inside the jungle.

Miami Seaquarium is one of the most modern aquatic theme parks in the country. Here you will get to see all types of marine life including the endangered manatee.

Miami should be visited at least once in everyone’s lifetime. While the city has become hectic it has still retained it leisurely ways so people can enjoy nature. Surrounded by warm water all year around, soft white sandy beaches, plenty to eat and beautiful people- who would not love it?

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Going to South Beach with the Kids

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