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Best Breakfast Ideas on Miami Beach

Be it a tostada at a local café or getting a colada from a drive-thru, Miami is celebrated for its delicious variety of breakfast and brunch spots. I could eat a horse when waking up famished in the morning after partying at the best clubs in Miami the night before.

Whether it's for curing a hangover or to begin my day with a sumptuous delightful meal, Miami ticked all the boxes. Let's go through a couple of spots that you could try the next time you're here for a vacation.

The Palace South Beach: Situated on the Ocean Drive, this place got me falling head over heels in love with it. With luscious breakfast atmosphere that is dog-friendly and the DJ spinning some magic with the music, this restaurant is the perfect breakfast/brunch place for just anyone. From banana pancakes to flatbread sandwiches to ahi tuna, pick anything and you're bound to take back the flavor memories with you.

The Setai: This beach restaurant caught my eye for its retro feel. Look out for the Sunday Jazz brunch buffet that matches with its age-old architecture owing to the fact that it was set up in 1930's.

Nikki Beach Miami: From the live counters offering you the best sushi rolls to the wide spectrum of desserts on the beach, this spot is nothing short of a beach meal extravaganza. Sunbathe on the beds they offer while you lavishly sip on champagne waiting for your extravagant meal. And if you live here, you do not have to worry about state income tax which is one reason Florida is doing much better than high tax states like California and New York but that is another topic.

Enjoy yourself in Miami, perhaps you will even see a celebrity. The restaurants on the white sand beaches of Miami, stand out for the diverse selections of eat-outs ranging from the posh brunch spots to the local ones that are budget friendly.

Preview photo by @Cienpies Design & Communication

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Best Breakfast Ideas on Miami Beach

Article's Author: Benjamin Roussey
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