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What You Need To Know About Florida's Laws

Like everywhere else in the United States of America, the laws that govern Florida are uniquely specific to that state. Florida is a peculiar state and some of the laws that are put in place could conjure up a bit of debate over them. Some of these laws were passed as far back as the 1800’s.

Fireworks Law

Most Fireworks are illegal for consumer usage in the state of Florida. With celebrations like the 4th of July and New Year’s at Bayfront Parl, Miami how can that be? Hmmmmm I asked myself the same question. Yes it is very much true! According to Florida Statute, any Fireworks that explodes, flies or lifts off are considered as illegal in the state. However, with the rise of several fireworks incidents and deaths each year in Miami I can understand that. Locals in Miami have a big problem in identifying what fireworks are illegal and which ones aren’t simply because the illegal ones are easy to purchase with no hassle and often time Miami locals and tourist alike are left confused. If caught with any of these fireworks that are listed as illegal, you can be charged with first-degree misdemeanor and if convicted could face up to a year in prison, $1000 fine and courts expenses.

Wet-Foot Dry-Foot Law

America implemented a policy back in 1995 that gives Cubans special treatment that no other immigrants group receives and its called the wet-foot dry - foot policy. The United States gives migrants from Cuba special treatment that no other group of refugees or immigrants receives. Under the amendment, whenever a Cuban is apprehended in the water between the two countries, he or she is then stated to have “wet feet” and is sent back to Cuba. However, if a Cuban migrant makes it to U.S. shores, they are considered to have “dry feet” and thus qualify for legal permanent resident status and ultimately U.S. citizenship by law.

Shacking Up Law

It is now legal for unwed couples to cohabitate together in the state of Florida. Yes!.....How many of you guys knew that ‘shacking up’ was against the law up until just a few months ago when Gov. Rick Scott signed a new bill to repeal this ridiculous law. According to the previous law that originally went into effect back in 1868 that prohibits men and women to “lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together” without being legally married if caught could be have been charged with second-degree misdemeanor; locked up in jail and charged. Thank you Gov. Rick Scott a step in the right direction!

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What You Need To Know About Floridas Laws

Article's Author: Kristal Tracey
Published in: life

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