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Vegetarian Restaurant Guide to eating right in Miami

Many people vacation in very famous spots across the world and when it comes to finding good spots to get their grub on it can be quite tricky and a task especially for those who still want to eat out but not eat unhealthy foods and for those sticking to a particular diet like eating vegetarian. Miami is one very famous spot for people to vacation or visit especially in the summer and when it comes on to good foods spots, especially vegetarian spots, Miami has a wide range of cuisines and healthy eating spots to choose from.

The first spot on the list is Dogma. Dogma is a vegetarian/vegan hot dog joint located near Miami Bay village area and has very great review, getting aa 9.1 out of 10 on Four Square’s website. Dogma has a very cozy, hole in the wall feel and the ambiance is very welcoming to all who visit and the ingredient they serve are always fresh. They serve menus that are tailored and cater to vegan eating as well.

Spot number two is a Trip Advisor favorite, Visa-01 Extraordinary Pizza. This pizza spot is located right on the main of Miami Beach city center. Like the previous restaurant Dogma, this pizza joint also caters to vegetarians and a vegan lifestyle. Their menu includes vegan pizza giving the restaurateur the option of building their own pizza as well as provide basic vegetarian pizza menu that can be added to. Visa-01 also has locations in the mainland of Downtown Miami as well as a little up north in Edgewater, Miami. They make it easy to access them and orders and reservations can be made from their website.

Another very refreshing spot in Miami is Go-Go Fresh Food. This spot is a very refreshing spin on healthy foods and it is located in west mainland of Miami Beach in a busy town. Their menu has a very interesting variety of foods like salads, soups, and veggie burgers as well as empanadas. The also give restaurateurs the option of creating their salad from fresh ingredients made in-house. The menu items also have gluten free options for the vegans who want great menu choices that are limited just because of gluten issues.

Bunnie Cakes is a pastry joint in Wynwood, Downtown Miami. Their vegan cupcakes are to die for and it is a staple joint in Miami because of the fact it caters to vegan providing them with options. The pastry shop has a very retro but modern vibe that is very inviting showcasing all the different types of pastries that are not just limited to cupcakes but they also serve pizza balls, gelato, crème Brulee and empanadas.

Need an American and Italian twist on vegetarian and vegan food? Full Bloom is your next stop in Miami Beach. They brand themselves as a gourmet vegan restaurant and they have every right because they live up to their name by keep spitting out tasty dishes while still handling vegan and vegetarian customers. One of their featured recipes are their spin on gelato including the Chocolate Pie gelato that is gluten free.

Blue Collar is another great fusion restaurant that has a very interesting and captivating menu not limited to meats but also provides vegan options to foods as well as great vegetarian options for foods. Blue collar is located in Morningside, Miami right in the food spot central of Miami Beach as reserved a section on the menu especially for vegan and vegetarian food choices.

There are many wonderful vegan and vegetarian spots in Miami that are great for date night or to the beach, it goes without saying that Miami does have a lot to offer and it by no means short changes the vegan and vegetarian experience when it comes on to food. Like any other food experience being vegetarian or vegans does not mean you deserve any less than an enjoyable dining experience and Miami on the south Florida State does indeed deliver.

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Vegetarian Restaurant Guide to eating right in Miami

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