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AQUA Girl Miami Beach - Event to Celebrate Women

Miami Beach will be showered with thousands of beautiful women from all walks of life for the annual girl power studded event, AQUA Girl. This is the largest women’s charity event that spans over five days filled with brunches, pool parties, cocktail gatherings and comedy show. Aqua Girl has been around since its birth in 1999 when Alison Burgos and NYC’s legendary women’s producer, Shescape, co-related a committee of like-minded women from South Florida to produce an exciting one-night event to benefit breast cancer research.

Gorgeous women from all over the country attend this spectacular weekend, some for the first time, some staples since its inception. 100% of the proceeds benefitting the AQUA campaign provides the much-needed funding for grants and scholarships given to lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community in South Florida.

Fast forward to today Aqua Girl has grown tremendously in numbers and has since gotten a lot of attention. Aqua Girl is like the who’s who of ‘Girl Power’ event to have ever existed. It has even expanded its events due to the traction and support they have growingly received. Presently they offer a wide variety of cocktail receptions, gourmet dinners and an art exhibit. The signature ‘Aqualicious’ Pool Party event ushers in thousands of gorgeous women partying poolside and dancing to the beat of live DJs with cocktails on deck.

Aqua Girl kicks off on May 12, 2016 with Play Dating, a speed dating event where if you are lucky you may just end up meeting the girl of your dreams. Following that event we have Traffic Jam, its name pretty much says it all. At this event ladies will receive a glow necklace when they arrive, Red = Taken Yellow = Approach w/ Caution Green = Go For It. Need I say more! Day two, May 13, involves Splash Pool Party and a VIP Cocktail Reception. Day 3, May14, we have the famous Aqualicious pool party at The Raleigh hotel. There’ll be thousands of hot, scantily-clad women; add in some cool poolside cocktails, sprinkle in hot performances by our sexy go-go vixens; it don’t get no more Aqualicious than that honey! You get to play all day to a backdrop of the latest and hottest hip-hop and house at this simply splashing, fun-filled event. Play time never ends, that same night be sure to check into Fuego ladies. On the final Day, May 15, 2016 we have more pool play time so whether you missed Saturday’s pool party or just couldn't get enough of the girls in bikinis in and around the sexiest pool in town, they have created a Sunday party for your indulgence.

Aqua Girl has a couple of ticket purchasing packages to cater to all your desires and quite frankly your purses. Player 1, VIP Pass grants you access to all the events. It also offers open bar at Splash, VIP Reception, Aqualicious, Aqua Tea, Fuego and Temptation. This package cost $369 and $499 at the door. Play 2, Weekend Pass offers access to VIP Reception, Splash Pool Party, Aqualicious Pool Party, Temptation Dance Party, Fuego Dance Party, Aqua Tea + Pool Party. This pass comes with open bar at VIP Reception, Aqualicious, and Aqua Tea. This pass cost $249 and $299 at the door. Player 3, includes access to Splash Pool Party, Fuego Dance Party, Aqualicious Pool Party, Temptation Dance Party, Aqua Tea + Pool Party. However, this pass does not include any open bar access. This pass cost $95 and $120 at the door. I don't know about you gals but this show stopping event is one not to be missed!

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AQUA Girl Miami Beach - the largest women’s charity event

Article's Author: Kristal Tracey
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