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History of Miami Spice

History of Miami Spice

Miami Beach is well known throughout the world for its many events which are not only enjoyed by the residents but by hundreds of visitors as well. One of these events is called Miami Spice and runs from August l through September 30. Looking for new events to attract visitors to Miami Beach, in 2001 The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau developed this event as a way to help visitors and local residents enjoy the many excellent restaurants in Miami... continue reading

Interview with Camille Kaye - Miami singer and song writer

Camille Kaye - Miami Rising Star

Camille Kaye is a local singer and song writer based here in Miami. She has an amazing voice which could be compared to the voices of such legendary signers as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. In addition to having an incredible ability to sing Camille also possesses a personality to match it - that makes her a true artist and performer. This super talented girl, who writes her own songs, sings beautifully live, which is rare these days, dances, is defiantly a rising star. Reading full interview with Camille Kaye

Patricia Costa - a Fashion Boutique owner on Miami Beach, shares her story

Miami has it all, right? A weekend can look somewhat like this: wake up late, put your hair in a messy bun, head over to the beach. Sip up a Mimosa, get some tan, head over for a fun brunch somewhere in Miami Beach. Stop by a gallery or two, catch a movie on Lincoln Road with some friends, and dance the night away. Repeat. Picture perfect! If only it didn't have to start with the ‘what to wear’ puzzle. So, how to be the ‘it’ girl in the Magic City that attracts some of the most stunning, fashion-savvy women on the planet? Continue reading

Ray Walker - model from Miami

This Month Featured Model

Meet Ray, a 22 year old British-American who has lived in 10 different countries; USA, Mexico, England, Morocco, Bolivia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Wales and Panama. Her family has now just moved to Ft. Lauderdale. Now that she got her Bachelor's in International Relations from the University of Florida, she is modeling around Miami and other parts of Florida for her love of fashion and modeling. Check out Ray's photos

Joey Rolon Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Funky Sexy Studios

Joey Rolon - Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

Have you ever wondered, while watching your favorite celebrity perform, how in the world did they come up with such funky, sexy, and full of imagination outfits? Well, wonder no more, because you are about to meet the one who is responsible for making a star shine on any stage or on the red carpet. Please meet Joey Rolon of “Funky Sexy Couture” – the celebrity wardrobe stylist who has worked with such A-listers as Britney Spears, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and many others. Read full interview

Baccano owners - the best Italian restaurant in Miami

Interview with Baccano – the best Italian restaurant in Miami.

Where do Italians in Miami go when they want some real, authentic, Italian pizza? Baccano Wine Bar and Pizzeria of course! Located right in the heart of Wynwood Design District in Miami, Baccano is known to be the place for the best pizza in town. SFL Style interviewed the owners of the restaurant. Two super awesome Italian guys who were kind enough to share their story with our readers. Read full interview

Coral Gables is the place to visit when come to Miami

Coral Gables – The City of Dreams

The city of Coral Gables was developed by George Merrick with the conception of “The Beautiful City” an architectural movement from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that includes the “Beaux-Arts” style characteristic to many buildings not only in Coral Gables but also can be seen in Downtown Miami. Merrick a visioner himself created unique villages in to the City, on a plan that only Walt Disney could conceive; Merrick was determined to make this town beautiful...
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