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Camille Kaye - Miami Rising Star

Camille Kaye is a local singer and song writer based here in Miami. She has an amazing voice which could be compared to the voices of such legendary signers as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. In addition to having an incredible ability to sing Camille also possesses a personality to match it - that makes her a true artist and performer. This super talented girl, who writes her own songs, sings beautifully live, which is rare these days, dances, is defiantly a rising star.

My childhood was actually pretty interesting and awesome. I grew up with my parents, clearly, that loved music. They both loved music to the highest degree, so I grew up listening to all kinds of stuff on Sunday mornings when they would be cleaning, and it was interesting to see how - or it's now interesting to see how those things are influencing what I do musically. I went to prep school in Kingston, then I went to high school and I’ve started dancing while I was in high school.

I was dancing in kindergarten but I didn't do it seriously until I went to high school, and then I started dancing there and joined a couple of dance companies in Jamaica – shout out to Dance Theater Jamaica, Xaymaca and Wolmer's Dance Troupe. I danced for a really long time, about eight years. The music bug was always there, but I didn't really tap into it until I got here, right before I came to Miami... Reading full interview with Camille Kaye

Patricia Costa - a Fashion Boutique owner on Miami Beach, shares her story

Miami has it all, right? A weekend can look somewhat like this: wake up late, put your hair in a messy bun, head over to the beach. Sip up a Mimosa, get some tan, head over for a fun brunch somewhere in Miami Beach. Stop by a gallery or two, catch a movie on Lincoln Road with some friends, and dance the night away. Repeat. Picture perfect! If only it didn't have to start with the ‘what to wear’ puzzle. So, how to be the ‘it’ girl in the Magic City that attracts some of the most stunning, fashion-savvy women on the planet? Continue reading

DJ Dan Slater in Miami

The first time I learned about DJ Dan Slater was during SFL Style’s coverage of the Miami’s Winter Party Fest 2016, which was absolutely incredible mainly due to the party atmosphere created by the DJ. Dan was out of this world amazing doing his thing, keeping the party going and people dancing their you-know-what off. Even I, a person who rarely “busts a move”, could not resist the temptation to dance forced by the musical avalanche that was unleashed by this talented, not to mention super sexy DJ Dan Slater... Read full interview

Miami Events - MiMo Thursdays at Vagabond Kitchen and Bar

Art, Music, Fashion, and Fun at Vagabond

An amazing get-together, hosted at Vagabond Kitchen and Bar. The night full of art, music, fashion, and of course Wine, lots of wine... The event was sponsored by VOGA Italia Wine, and covered by SFL Style Magazine. Great number of guests attended the event. All guests received complimentary drinks provided by VOGA Italia. Hippy-Heart Fashion Boutique took care of the fashion end of the event by show casing their latest designs. The DJ Nuny Love kept the place moving with her incredible sound, which I personally found very suitable for this type of setting. Also guests were enjoying art pieces presented by Khotan Fernandez. The paintings were placed around the restaurant creating a small gallery feel, and better access for the guests.... Check out photos from event

Miami Beach Fashion Boutique Roses & Dreams

Interview with Miami Beach Fashion Boutique Roses & Dreams

“If you work hard your dreams will come true …” We have all heard this motivational phrase ever since we were kids, but for Valérie Mélanie Engel, the owner of the fashion boutique Roses and Dreams on Miami Beach, it is not just a saying — it is her whole attitude towards life. Idealistic by nature, Valérie, at the young age of 26, has already accomplished more than most people do in their whole lifetime. While other young people in their mid-twenties think about partying and going out (especially here in Miami Beach), Valérie kept her eye on the prize by pursuing her dreams and taking chances... Read full interview

Baccano owners - the best Italian restaurant in Miami

Interview with Baccano – the best Italian restaurant in Miami.

Where do Italians in Miami go when they want some real, authentic, Italian pizza? Baccano Wine Bar and Pizzeria of course! Located right in the heart of Wynwood Design District in Miami, Baccano is known to be the place for the best pizza in town. SFL Style interviewed the owners of the restaurant. Two super awesome Italian guys who were kind enough to share their story with our readers. Read full interview

Coral Gables is the place to visit when come to Miami

Coral Gables – The City of Dreams

The city of Coral Gables was developed by George Merrick with the conception of “The Beautiful City” an architectural movement from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that includes the “Beaux-Arts” style characteristic to many buildings not only in Coral Gables but also can be seen in Downtown Miami. Merrick a visioner himself created unique villages in to the City, on a plan that only Walt Disney could conceive; Merrick was determined to make this town beautiful...
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Interview with Miami Historian Seth Bramson

Meet Miami's True Historian - Seth Bramson

Ever since I moved to Miami, many years ago, I have been fascinated by this beautiful city and its history. Just when you think you have seen it all, you find a new place or a new interesting piece of history hidden in some unusual location. It is absolutely mind blowing how this region has evolved, grown, and developed over such a short span of time. Only image that many have is that less than one hundred years ago Miami Beach had just barely come into existence and Miami itself was nothing but a little city with dirt-roads. And look at it now – the city of the future on steroids, as Miami is growing faster than ever...
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Miami International Boat Show 2016

President's Day weekend, February 11-15, 2016 was a red-letter day in the world of boating. The Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin in beautiful Miami Beach hosted the fabulous, long-awaited exhibition of the newest, the best, and the most extravagant boats, marine accessories, related electronics and nautical items available today. Over 70,000 people visited the event this year. It was the largest event yet with more than 400 boats on the water. This wasn't just a "boat show" - it had an astonishing 2,000 exhibitors and over 1,200 boats on display, and you were able to see, touch, and try the latest equipment and ask questions from builders and factory representatives who were on hand to help you find what you need (and what you really really want)...
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