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Interview with Miami local artist Claudia La Bianca

There is nothing as interesting as learning about the beginnings of a famous artist. That certainly applies to Miami local artist Claudia La Bianca, who has established herself in the world of art. Using brilliant colors, Claudia paints women in various forms that are striking and immediately catch the view of anyone nearby.

In the following interview, Claudia describes her humble beginnings and how she was able to advance in the art world. Her artwork is now enjoyed by art patrons throughout the world. When visiting any art exhibit, it is easy to immediately recognize her work.

One of her most famous pieces of street art is a painting on the outside of a building in the Wynwood section of Miami. This striking piece of art covers an entire wall of a two-story building. In addition, she has created numerous murals, sketches, fashion illustrations and characters.

Claudia La Bianca - Miami artist
Photographer Jessica Maquera

SFL Style: Please tell our readers a bit about your background. What inspired you to become an artist?
Claudia: I was born in a little town in Sicily in a family of artists, so it was easy for me as a child to express my creativity. My mom said I was born with a pencil in my hand, in my childhood though, after losing my dad, I struggled with being chubby and I was getting bullied from the boys around town, so I spent a lot of time at home creating these beautiful, strong, confident female super heroes, dreaming of becoming them one day. I think I achieved that.

SFL Style: What are some of the obstacles that most artists face today?
Claudia: Artists should only focus on the art, not the business, so lots of times artists get f@&% over, or they spent too much time on the business side of it and less on the creative side.

SFL Style: How do you measure your success as an artist?
Claudia: I think you can measure it by seeing how much impact the message behind your work has and how many people you can reach with it. I love waking up in the morning to find tons of emails and messages from ladies all around the world thanking me and appreciating my artwork and the message I portray. Confidence is everything!

SFL Style: Let’s talk about your art. How original is it? What is the message?
Claudia: Female empowerment, self-love, individuality, sensuality and confidence are the messages I seal in every piece I create. It’s a reminder to me and all the women around the globe that we are incredible creatures; we are the cradle of creative energy. I believe men do a good job in their brotherhood, and we should do the same in our sisterhood. I am a feminist but I also appreciate and welcome masculine energy. We need to find the balance to progress in life.

SFL Style: What is your workspace like?
Claudia: My workspace is my heart, and everything starts from there. I mostly work on the streets creating murals because that’s the fastest way to pass on the message to many, but I also have a little studio in Wynwood where I create my smaller work.

SFL Style: In your opinion, what makes you unique?
Claudia: I believe in myself and I’m not afraid to show it. I also know that it’s important to share the gift of creativity I have, and that it’s my purpose in life to create and inspire others through my art. I’m a very positive person; I probably cry out of joy at least once a day because I can feel the love I’m blessed with. I’m very spiritually connected to the universe and I allow that energy to flow through me as much as I can.

SFL Style: What is your dream project?
Claudia: Well, I have many, and one of them is to create an original boxing boot for Adidas. If you know me or have seen me painting on the streets, you will know that is the only type of shoe I wear; I probably own about 11 pairs and I would love to have my own "Claudia la Bianca 4 Adidas boxing badass boots"!!!

SFL Style: How satisfied are you with your work?
Claudia: I strive every day to make my work better and the message clearer and louder. It’s a learning process and practice makes the master!

SFL Style: Are you a natural artist?
Claudia: Definitively without a doubt. I create constantly. I’m also an accomplished filmmaker. I have produced and directed a national TV show for PBS called "Hanna Help Me", commercials for big names like Walmart and many music videos for international bands. I also wrote a full-length script which I produced, directed, shot and edited called "The Journey of a Dragonfly", and best of all I created two beautiful children, Kalypso and Namu, my precious works of art!!!

SFL Style: Do you ever take a break or disconnect yourself from your creative side?
Claudia: I never take a break; art is my blood, and without it my heart won’t beat.

SFL Style: Can you describe a typical working day for you?
Claudia: After getting my kids up and ready for school I get into the studio and work for about 9 hours, sometimes even more. Between sketches for new clients, portraits and murals, I completely dive into a creative beast mode where I’m the most happy!!

Claudia La Bianca, snorkel  girl mural, Wynwood, Miami

SFL Style: Who is your biggest supporter?
Claudia: My daughter Kalypso, and both of my children’s grandmas, Macuria and Charlene, are my biggest supporters. Being a single mom of 2 and a working artist can get pretty challenging, so it’s important to create that support system that allows you to spend enough time creating a body of work while you know your kids are being taken care of. It’s not easy for a mom to balance that, but if you don’t give time to your own self you can’t give yourself to others. Finding the balance is the key.

SFL Style: What advice would you give to someone starting out as a new artist?
Claudia: Don’t give up, believe in yourself, keep on creating, keep on giving, keep on loving, dreams do come true!!!


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Interview with Miami local artist Claudia La Bianca

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