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Wynwood Walls - Miami's Panorama of Graffiti Culture

Art has many faces - from ancient to modern. Graffiti is often considered the pinnacle of present-day urban art. Often caught in a controversy between being judged as illegal vandalism or conventional art, this tough street smart medium is one of the most seen forms of expression the world over. South Florida offers one of the most engaging displays of graffiti art found anywhere. From the concept of the late Tony Goldman, this neighborhood emerges as the premier exposition of contemporary street art and places Miami Beach at the center of must-see exhibits. Hipsters and art aficionados will love the street art style and the depth of dedication shown on the over 80,000 square feet of exciting colors and fantastic graphic images.

From the moment you walk into Wynwood Walls, you instantly feel that you're in another world filled with fun, passion, excitement, insight and fantasy. The artists bring together their experiences, their philosophies, and their love of life in a whirlwind of shapes, hues, and textures. Graffiti is a modern day collection of wit, wisdom, and expresses the feelings of individuals as well as being a commentary on issues of the day. No subject is off limits to the work of these fabulously creative individuals.

Life and death, politics, family, drugs, and sex are common themes as well as tongue-in-cheek comments on human nature. Some are obscure, some are straight to the point, but all are thought provoking and enrich our observations of the world we live in. The artists monikers themselves are a smorgasbord of names. Lady Pink, Miss Van, Retna, Swoon, Fafi, How and Nosm, Os Gemeos and Futura. Aiko, Tristan Eaton, Shepard Fairey, and Neuzz are just a few of the many people who worked to create this masterpiece of South Florida.

The names alone conjure images of the odd, the talented, and the absurd. Newspapers and magazines including the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times have all reported on the goings-on of this mecca for acclaimed graffiti artists from all over the world.

No trip to Southern Florida would be complete without a visit to Wynwood Walls. It is located in the heart of Miami and just a stone's throw from Miami Beach. It's a city within a city, and you will be transformed by the experience.

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Wynwood Walls - Miamis Design District Panorama of Graffiti Culture

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