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Montserrat Franco - PR and Marketing Professional

Montserrat Franco - PR and Marketing Professional, Certified sommelier.

Profile name: Montserrat
Joined date: June 14th, 2016

Montserrat Franco is a PR and marketing professional, certified sommelier by several accredited organizations in Europe and the USA such as AIS, Bordeaux Council, USSA; with more than 15 years serving the Entertainment, PR and Hospitality Industries in South Florida.

She travels the New and Old world visiting wineries and tasting local cuisine; sharing memories on a lifestyle, food & wine blog. Miss Franco is an Ambassador for the ASW Miami Chapter and the woman behind VOGA Italia; the largest privately held winery in Italy.

Contact: pr@montserratfranco.com
Twitter: @montserratfranc
Instagram: @montserratfranco

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