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Cabana is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the joy of basking in the sunshine. We value the simplicity and beauty of nature, crafting a life of casual elegance with fabrics and materials directly sourced from Mother Nature. From the outset, our founder Ashlee Garrard committed to creating a genuine feel-good brand by partnering with companies that uphold our core values. We select products that are ethically and responsibly made, working with brands that prioritize the well-being of both people and the planet. The idea for Cabana Store was conceived on a beach in Montego Bay. Dreaming of escaping the frigid Canadian winters, the vision of a quaint beach shop in a tropical paradise became increasingly vivid with each vacation. The concept evolved, focusing on the perfect clothing, fabrics, and ambiance to make people feel wonderful.

Your Destination for Stylish Beachwear and Resort Fashion

A decade later, Ashlee Garrard and her husband decided to take a bold step and move their family from Toronto to Miami. After 14 years in the real estate industry, Ashlee was eager for a fresh and exciting new venture. One day, the idea struck her: she wanted to finally open that beach shop she had always dreamed about. Almost as if by fate, everything quickly fell into place. Within days of deciding, they found a location in Aventura, Florida, and signed the lease. It was happening—her dream was becoming a reality. The name 'Cabana' was perfect, as the vision had originated beneath a cabana on a beach.

Cabana Store is now a premier destination for stylish, high-quality beachwear and resort fashion in Aventura, Florida. Our carefully curated collection blends sophistication with laid-back elegance, offering everything from chic swimwear to breezy cover-ups. Each piece is crafted from premium materials, reflecting the beauty of tropical destinations and ensuring you look and feel fabulous.

Experience the Magic of Cabana Store: Where Dreams and Fashion Meet in Aventura

In addition to our stunning fashion selections, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our dedicated staff helps customers find the perfect pieces that match their personal style and needs. At Cabana Store, we embrace a lifestyle philosophy that goes beyond fashion, promoting adventure, relaxation, and appreciation for the finer things in life. Join our community and discover how looking good, feeling good, and living well come together at Cabana Store.

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