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Businesses in Miami and South Florida are now enjoying updated phones, telecommunications, phone systems and local technical support. Founded in 2006, VoiceOnyx has brought service provider service, remote line access, remote voicemail checking and other features that bring the future into today’s world.

Personal Attention of VoiceOnyx in Miami

Prior to introducing this Miami business phone company, VoiceOnyx did a thorough search of what is lacking in the ordinary, day to day business world. As a result, they have developed 101+ Business Phone Features. These features are each designed to provide a secure phone system that cannot be hacked.

In this short article, it is impossible to list all the business phone features VoiceOnyx provides. However, especially convenient for their business customers are things such as unlimited overseas calling, remote line access and custom designed features. Each business phone system is especially designed for their particular needs.

Personalizing Your Business Phone System in South Florida

Offering the best customer experience possible, VoiceOnyx offers all-inclusive pricing with no setup or installation fees, a money back guarantee, no surcharges, no long-term contracts, no per minute rate and many other features. This provides the business customer the opportunity to help design a program that will best fit their particular situation.

Great service

Unlike many other telephone service agencies, VoiceOnyx is only a phone call away. If there is a problem anywhere in the system, calling their 611 number will bring a Miami or South Florida service person on site immediately. As a local company, they do not refer the customer to someone outside the area who is not familiar with the company’s set up.

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