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Oliver Bistro is a place for eclectic food in the area of Miami Beach. The outdoor area is dog friendly and has plenty of parking space.

Dog Friendly Cafe in Miami

One of the best French restaurants in South Florida; Snails, chicken white- Kranjska spinach and soy glazed bacon sandwich seared salmon, wild meat, mushrooms, grilled shrimp curry sauce, steak fries, baked rollatini spinach and Asiago cheese chicken.

This is a very nice in one of the few areas in South Beach, where residents can eat without feeling like you are part of a group of giant tourist restaurants. The room is bright, airy and relaxing. The staff is friendly and strong. The owner is on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The food is better than what you find in the tourist traps of Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, which means a soft matrix of the kitchen that is not impressed, nor offended. There are a few highlights on the menu hit-and-miss bacon wrapped meatloaf; churrasco steak; heckuva good burger; and one of the best tiramisu city. Finding a table on the quiet sidewalk Oliver Bistro, it's as simple as going under the market umbrella and tie your dog to sit leg. Many residents long for Oliver Bistro, because it is their place to go for lunch, a cocktail or a quiet dinner simply grilled.

Restaurant for Locals

Dining at Oliver Bistro will cost about $30 per person on average. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, but lunch menu that attracts the most favorable opinion rating. Hearty salads, juicy burger or a classic chicken.

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959 West Ave #15
Miami Beach, FL USA 33139
(305) 535-3050

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