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Sunrise Comic-Con: Sunrise, Florida Unleashes its Superpowers

The sky is a thick blanket of blue and small whitish-grey clouds draggle. The suns yellow rays are like fingers stretching across the blue sky. Power posing like Superman and inflatable muscles almost ripping through his tight blue spandex as the breeze is tousling his yellow cape creating an illusion of a yellow inferno. Wearing spinach green briefs as tight as his fresh egg yolk yellow latex dishwashing gloves, stands the latest South Florida superhero, Captain Sunrise. Much like the sky, Captain Sunrise fills the convention with brilliance and a warm glow. Captain Sunrise takes pictures with citizens, smiles and one fan in a broad Batman chest logo t-shirt said, “He’s saving one civilian at a time. This is great.”

The sun shines brightly on the very first Comic-Con in Sunrise, FL. The Comic-Con, being held at the Sunrise Civic Center, greets fans of comic books, pop culture, movies and television shows as they all gather by the hundreds. The main purpose of the con is for fans and families to discover new (and classic) comics, find original artwork, see the numerous vendors, make friends and have a super-duper time.

This is the first-ever Comic-Con for the city of Sunrise, FL. and it’s sponsored by Miami’s Florida Supercon that brings in over 50,000 people every year. With over six hours of entertainment, the Sunrise Comic-Con features cosplay, artist, authors, panels, vendors, collectibles, food trucks, video games, and comic books. The family-friendly event brings out more than a dozen vendors.

When original science-fiction and horror author, Jeff Carroll isn’t remembering his 15-years of work experience at the Apollo Theater, South Florida teacher Carroll said, “One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as an author is my story called Golddigger Killer”.

Carroll’s ‘Golddigger Killer’ focuses on a female lead character who seeks revenge after being sexually abused. Carroll added, “Doing this story had an impact on my everyday life because this story led me to do dating workshops, safe sex workshops, it had a steak on the real world.”

Carroll, whose recent and most successful book, ‘The Harlem Shake’, added, “I want to read and create stories that have a high energy. With a diverse cast of something you would see in ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Luke Cage’, multicultural environments to teach and entertain.”

Carroll is also creating a film called ‘The Death Pledge’ on his character Baa-Baa the African King. Carroll ended by saying, “Some college kids disturb Baa-Baa’s burial site and Baa-Baa will go Freddy Krueger and Jason on ‘em.” Carroll’s project ‘Golddigger Killer’ was recently distributed by Warner Bros.

Creator and illustrator of South Florida’s newest superhero Captain Sunrise is also in attendance. Glaifter Ormsby, whose pen name is Silverback, says, “People like Dr. Seuss inspired me and taught me everything you create is as unique as your own personality.” Silverback has warmth in his cheeks as he smiles. His blush is as red as his snapback hat. Silverback co-sponsors the event and fans joke with him about Captain Sunrise wearing his green briefs on the outside of his pants. Silverback jiggles the brim of his hat, he flashes a bright smile, and when asked about Captain Sunrise’s underpants Silverback responds “From his underwear he would fit more into being a DC Comics character like the old Superman.”

Former Timely Comics and Marvel artist Allen Bellman also attends Sunrise Comic-Con. The 94-year-old Bellman is the oldest living artist of Marvel character Captain America and he has been a guest for every Florida Supercon event. Bellman wears his Captain America shirt and his earring is as bold and bright as his personality. He signs autographs for young fans and he is more than happy to discuss his work. A resident of Tamarac, FL. Bellman worked alongside with Stan Lee on other famous Marvel characters such as The Human Torch and Sub Mariner. Bellman has worked in the comic book field until the early 1950s and he continues to draw original artwork to this very day.

The food trucks are located just outside of the Sunrise Civic Center and bodies come together in a clump for the scrumptious tasty treats. A young girl with carrot-colored hair licks her fleshy lips and chomps down on glistening buttered crunchy popcorn. Her father with matching color hair devours down a gut-busting sizzle-crisp on the edges cheeseburger with chin dripping ketchup. As you eat the large outdoor water fountains cascades down into the pond, splashing, and gentle wave’s flow creating a rhythm of music as it hits the water.

For those with a sweet tooth, the food trucks also offer desserts and all kinds of sweets. Try the cinnamon buns with gooey cinnamon filling, white cream cheese icing covering the golden fresh baked tops. One cosplayer (dressing up as a character from comics, movies, video games, or from pop culture) dresses as Deadpool, a character well-known for his portrayal by actor Ryan Reynolds, eats a waffle cone dipped in chocolate. The chocolate is runny like sauce with rainbow color sprinkles over the creamy-white ice cream scoops.

Deadpool cosplayer Adolfo Sentmanat is well-known in the South Florida cosplay community for going to various local cons as “The Merc with a Mouth” Marvel Comics X-Men character Deadpool.

Everywhere from Miami to Tampa, Sentmanat has shared his passion for his favorite wisecracking crimson wearing chimichanga loving mutant mercenary. Sentmanat said, “Deadpool is my favorite character because he cracks a lot of jokes. I’ve been told I crack a lot of jokes and I’m a little sarcastic like the character.”

Sentmanat gears up in his red and black tactical suit with pockets and two holsters on his back to house his katana swords. Sentmanat said, “This whole suit has taken me a year to do. I wanted to change the color and give it a weather-beaten look. Hashtag chimichangas!”

The sun is starting to set on the very first Sunrise Comic-Con; the yellow rays of the sun are now becoming hues of orange. An orange haze merges with the sky, like juice-mix starting to dissolve in a glass of water. Captain Sunrise gazes into the peach-pink distance and takes just a couple more pictures and selfies with families. Jennifer Dufour is with her son and it’s their very first Comic-Con. Dufour said, “We’re here because we love superheroes.” Dufour is with her son and her son is dressed as the black and yellow skulls on belt ‘Mortal Kombat’ video game character Scorpion. Dufour added, “It’s my son’s favorite video game. We are looking forward to the people dressed as characters in costumes. We really love all the costumes.”

This is also the first Comic-Con for Roedel Mims, “I rushed to get here,” said Mims. Mims, who came all the way from Pennsylvania to be at Sunrise Comic-Con said, “Seeing all these people in costumes inspired me. If I could get my hands on a Deadpool suit I’d be wearing that every day.” Mims ended by saying, “For my first Comic-Con, I love it and it’s everything I could have hoped for.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, call the Sunrise Civic Center Box Office: (954) 747-4646.

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Sunrise Comic-Con: Sunrise, Florida Unleashes its Superpowers

Article's Author: Nile Fortner
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