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Interview with Franco Trevisiol - From Venice to Miami with Art

How and when did you discover your love for the art of the fresco?
The fresco was ever-important in my life, and when I started art school, I felt very, very lucky. I had this very romantic idea about what it meant to be an artist and this was linked with a very strong feeling I had inside looking the Venetian frescoes in my city, Venice.

I understand your father was a fresco artist too. How did he influence your future career in art?
The most passionate and profound connoisseur of the Venetian fresco was my father, who successfully mastered the Tiepolo painting technique. He started out painting in his small studio at an early age in the 1930s. As a child, I was fascinated by his masterpieces, and over the years I became more passionate and I began to deeply love this art. Now I can say that our company is the best in the world when it comes to the Italian experience, and we are proud of our collection of 100% fresco art handcrafted by the best Venetian craftsmen.

Interview with Franco Trevisiol - From Venice to Miami with Art

In today’s modern world, with its straight-line architecture and abstract art, how do you manage to find room for the art of the fresco?
The classic is returning in the style of furniture, and many customers have contacted us to have a unique piece that is also suitable for a modern environment. We use a classic but modern technique in our decorations, and our interior designs provide new applications for the use of gold. Refined and timeless, gold leaves are perfectly suited to modern spaces; they infuse the room with bright-shining light that creates an elegant and unique reflection. Whether used to decorate stucco, an embellishment layered underneath your bathroom’s resin tiles, or used as a prime material in your kitchen, gold leaves will bring life to your interior, providing delicate, bold and outstanding finishes.

Over the years, you have developed a unique and inimitable fresco technique; can you please tell us a little bit about your development?
The pictorial technique is relatively simple, from the point of view of explanation, but it requires great mastery and experience to execute. Venice Décor has invested time in learning more about the painting techniques used by Giambattista Tiepolo, a famous Venetian painter, and our Venetian artisans use the same ancient painting technique in their frescoes. The materials and techniques he used in the 1700s had been employed by painters for centuries before him. Tiepolo’s frescoes in Venice revolutionized the way that emotions were articulated through the form, lighting, and color of the gesture of the human figures. Tiepolo’s frescoes may not seem so unusual to the contemporary viewer; however, within the context of his time period, by comparison, no other artists were painting faces that expressed such an intense, outward pouring out of emotion. In this way, his paintings distinguished themselves from all of the other artwork being created in that time. Once you’ve seen one Tiepolo fresco, you can spot another a mile away.

Interview with Franco Trevisiol - From Venice to Miami with Art

Your main office is in Venice, Italy. Where in the world can we find your work?
Our main office is located in Venice, just a few minutes from Piazza San Marco. In January 2018, we inaugurated the new office in the emirates at Dubai . We have two other sales locations in Kyoto (Japan) and in Moscow.

In Miami, Wynwood Design District has some of the most talented artists from around the world (some from Italy), including painted murals for all the public to see. What are your thoughts on this public display of art that is not always innocent?
It seems that the art context in Miami still has sort of a freedom that isn’t so much bound to economy or policy. Artists are not perceived as somebody who necessarily has to create a profit, and this is very important and positive. Art is freedom of expression, and I am happy to know that there are still places that encourage this thought.

How does one become a student of the fresco?
Everybody can participate at our one-year hands-on Venice Décor course program (6 months + 6 months). The course is designed to teach the basic fresco techniques. The primary objective of this course is to explore the art of fresco painting first-hand using the same materials and techniques as the Renaissance masters. Our carefully developed and well-structured Tiepolo method of combining art history and knowledge with artistic practice provides for a unique, educational, and unforgettable experience.

Interview with Franco Trevisiol - From Venice to Miami with Art

What advice would you give to new and upcoming artists?
My opinion is about having the freedom to do what they want. Sometimes people have different goals or different styles, but everybody loves beauty, and beauty is all we need. Each little thing that goes well in my business is cause for a mini-celebration, and I make sure to give thanks for any good and positive thing. You have to celebrate every little win!

Tell us about one of your projects (in South Florida) that you are most proud of.
We leverage the universal language of art and the appeal of design and architecture to bring people together. In 2000, we painted our frescoes in a private villa for a dear customer and friend. Last year I went to greet him, and with happiness, I saw the fresco still perfect, after 18 years! It was a great satisfaction.

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Interview with Franco Trevisiol - Venice Fresco Artist

Article's Author: Olga K.
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