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Sobe Seafood Festival

If you like seafood you will not want to miss the Sobe Seafood Festival held in Miami, Miami Beach and South Florida in October each year. Top chefs and restaurants compete to see who can gain the best reviews for their exotic preparations.

This Seafood Festival started in 2012 as a way to introduce residents and visitors to the delicious seafood of Miami and Miami Beach. It is one of the most famous events held in Florida during the year.

Well known chefs choose this occasion to show off their special seafood skills. This event includes highly decorated cafes, open bars, and special sidewalk offering of all types of seafood arrangements.

Dates and locations and locations vary which allow a seafood lover to enjoy their favorite dishes. A check of the internet will show times and locations.

A few of the locations are:

  • Deering Seafood/ Seafoood Estate Uputh Beach
  • South Beach Seafood Festival
  • South Florida Seafood Festival South Beach
  • thedeck, Wynwood Martplace
  • Whynwood Market Place
  • Wynwoood Fear Factory, R. E.. Dola aplaant
  • HaloWyn, Wynwood Market Place
  • HaloWyn, Oct 31-Nov 1, Wynwood Market place
  • Sobre Seafood

For those who like seafood this is the opportunity to try every type available.

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Sobe Seafood Festival

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