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Strip Clubs in Miami - What you should know

For its size, Miami has a fair number of strip clubs. While the exact number of strip clubs is not known, there are quite a few and most are located in Miami and South Beach. The reason for the varying number of strip clubs in Miami is because almost on a monthly basis, some of them close down and new ones open up.

There are all types of strips clubs in Miami - some call themselves nudie bars, others go by the name strip joints, all night cabaret, adult entertainment or gentleman’s club - it really does not matter what the name is – the one thing they all have in common is that you will get to see enough flesh to titillate you. The other major difference between strip clubs elsewhere and Miami is that in the latter the girls often strip down completely leaving nothing to imagination. In addition, alcohol is usually free flowing in Miami, so even a partially nude female will look like completely nude by the end of the night.

There are many types of strip clubs in Miami - some are absolute junk and others are real classy- so before you rush to see nudity better check out the place on the Internet and read the reviews. Irrespective of the strip club you go to in Miami, some of the features they all have in common are the following:

- Be prepared to pay exorbitant prices for alcohol.
- Most clubs jack up prices for entrance at the door, even though the website may have a different price. - All clubs have poles from which the sexy females swing and gyrate their bodies.
- The lights flicker and pulsate for a few seconds so you will never see the entire nude body – just bits and pieces and the rest you will have to imagine.
- All have large TV screens showing some sports just in case you were expecting male nudes or the girls are not exciting anymore.
- The food is overpriced, oily and will definitely raise your future risk of a heart attack.

The cover charge

The strip clubs in Miami start to rip you off the moment you arrive. Almost all of them have a cover charge and that may vary from $10-$30- if you are not good looking and do not have a girl accompanying you, expect to pay more at the door- it appears that the strippers also want to look at handsome guys and be turned on. Always call ahead as some of the clubs waive the cover charge if you are coming for a bachelor party- they will more than make it up by overcharging you with the drinks and food. Couples generally do not have to pay a cover charge but that also depends on the person in charge. Single women frequently are not allowed because most clubs think they are whores looking for johns.

The furniture inside the establishments is usually all leather and geared towards lap dancing. There are high stools so that the girls can straddle between your legs.

The Show

When the show starts, most girls have their clothes on but by the end of the second or third songs, the top is always off. And as the music gets louder, most girls bare it all- time to complete nudity will range from 10-20 minutes. During the striptease, the girls will gyrate their bodies and present their hips so that you can slip folded bills under the G-string or garter belt.

When the strip tease is over, the women will mingle with the crowds trying to suck you out of more money. Everything you do will cost money – a dollar for peck, a dollar for a kiss, a dollar for a butt smack and so on. Of course in return you will get a sexy thank you in your ear. Guys who fork our higher denomination bills often get the most attention.

If the girl knows you have money she will offer you a friction dance where she will gyrate her back side into your pelvis or her boobs in your face- cost can be anywhere for $10-$20 for 15-30 seconds of fun. If she likes you, you will be taken a special enclosed booth for more action; of course, you have to pay more. The majority of Miami strip clubs have VIP rooms for the high rollers. Here you can order champagne and other expensive alcoholic drinks. The going rate is $300 per hour and above. One final word- do not expect more than a kiss or smooching. If you get aggressive and demand sex, you will quickly encounter some ugly looking bouncers who will throw you out. No strip clubs allows on site sex otherwise they can lose their license. However, girls are known to hand out their phone numbers to rich men.

In the end, for the guy who is looking for something exciting and has the money to spend, a visit to a strip club may prove to be a good venture. The girls are usually good looking and all are siliconized. Other then a peck and touching the girl, you wont get more action. So if you have several hundred dollars to throw away, just walk into any strip club in Miami and you will not be disappointed. The good thing about strip clubs is that since there is no sex, you will not get herpes.

A few strip clubs in Miami include Tootsies, BT’s, Deans Gold, and E11Even Cabaret Night club and Club Lexx. Before you spend your hard earned money, do check out reviews on yelp –that should give you a better idea what to expect.

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Strip Clubs in Miami - What you should know

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