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MIAFW Runway Fashion Show Rene by RR

May 30, 2019 - second night at Miami Fashion Week 2019 Miami’s acclaimed fashion designer Rene Ruiz presented his new collection, Rene by RR, on the runway at Ice Palace Film studios.

A day full of color and style celebrated the authenticity and aesthetic creation of one of the world’s most renowned designers of all time, Rene Ruiz. Rene recently announced his new brand, RENE by RR which will solely focus on his original and unique trademark made and produced by him alone. When asked about this brand, he mentioned life and therefore can be concluded that Rene’s devotion for fashion is undying and can be what we called forever. He is known to the fashion industry because of his gifted mind and undying creativity in different aspects of the fashion line. Brilliance and shine are words that can best describe the collection he exhibits during the second day of Miami Fashion Week. Rene Breathtakingly left the crowd in awe as models walk his dazzling collection line. Surely no one would think twice in acquiring any single piece on his collection. We are looking forward to seeing his collection being worn by top celebrities, models, known people or even ordinary mankind in streets, beaches and formal events or anywhere you can ever imagine.

Photos from MIAFW Runway Fashion Show Rene by RR

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MIAFW Runway Fashion Show Rene by RR

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