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Miami and South Florida is becoming one of the most popular places for art and artists.
Learn about Miami’s famous Art Deco style, Coral Gables’ historical architecture, and Fort Lauderdale’s passion for art.

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Claudia La Bianca - gorgeous Wynwood murals artist, shares her story

There is nothing as interesting as learning about the beginnings of a famous artist. That certainly applies to Miami local artist Claudia La Bianca, who has established herself in the world of art. Using brilliant colors, Claudia paints women in various forms that are striking and immediately catch the view of anyone nearby.

In the following interview, Claudia describes her humble beginnings and how she was able to advance in the art world. Her artwork is now enjoyed by art patrons throughout the world. When visiting any art exhibit, it is easy to immediately recognize her work.

One of her most famous pieces of street art is a painting on the outside of a building in the Wynwood section of Miami. This striking piece of art covers an entire wall of a two-story building. In addition, she has created numerous murals, sketches, fashion illustrations and characters... Continue reading

SFL Style interview with Michael Williams - Miami Contemporary Realism Painter

Interview with Michael Williams

As a kid growing up, rarely one dreams of becoming an artist, let alone a painter. In our early years, at the beginning of our lifelong journey, we dream of becoming someone famous like a president, or a space explorer. The same goes for Michael Williams, who was born in 1986 in South Florida. Michael was like any other kid, having no worries about the future and definitely making no concrete plans for his future career... Continue reading full interview

Art in the Alley at The Flamingo House

The once salmon and purple colored sky transformed into a vast expanse of a jet-black night sky that engulfed the alleyway of the Boca Raton ROC Urban community spaces. Stars fill the sky like pale corn being turned into the freshly turned ground. Most alleyways make people feel as if something eerie is just around the corner. But The Flamingo House located at 4160 NW 1 Ave Suite 16 in Boca Raton turns the alleyway into a night of art, live music, vendors, and more....
Continue reading

Marko Stout New York famed artist Rocks Miami

Marko Stout Rocks Miami

Sexy, stylish and chic! One of this year’s hottest Miami shows was Art Nation Gallery’s solo exhibition of famed New York artist Marko Stout, in downtown Wynwood. Gallery owner, Jason Samuels was exceptionally excited stating, “In my 30 years in the art industry I’ve never seen anything like it. Marko Stout message really connects with the younger generation and everyone loves it. Most of his work was sold before we even opened the doors.”... Continue reading full article

Veronique Cote - Miami Interdisciplinary Artist

Meet Veronique Cote – a brilliant girl with an eccentric outlook on life which translates into her unique abilities to see and create art in a very different way that most people are used to or willing to accept. Her art has a story, a message, her art speaks to those who are willing to listen, and her art makes you activate parts of your brain that conditionally had been sugarcoated by the society... Continue reading

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