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Famous Movies Shot In Miami

Movies Shot In Miami

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Next to California, the next place where most movies are made is Florida. To be more precise, South Beach is gaining a more prominent role in the movies than ever before. The reason- the great weather, exotic homes beautiful beaches, sexy people and the glamour of this city have attracted Hollywood directors to make movies in Miami. And the benefit for Miami- this injects millions of dollars into the local economy; and it is not only movies that are made in Florida but many TV shows.

Over the years many movies have been made in Miami and the list is too long to be named here. But some of the top movies made in recent years include the following:

1. The Specialist starring none other than Sly Stallone. Unfortunately the movie did not quite make it the box office. Perhaps Stallone is too old for such types of movies.
2. The Birdcage starring Robin Williams was a hilarious box office hit. The movie poked fun at the South Beach gay culture while taking pot shots at everyone else.
3. Analyze This starring Robert Di Niro was a comedy movie about a powerful mafia boss who need psychiatric therapy. Funny and Di Niro played his part well.
4. There is Something about Mary was a corny movie starring Ben Stiller and in the 90-s was hit among young people.
5. Ace Ventura Pet Detective starring Jim Carey was a hit way back in 1994. Even though cynical and childish at the time, the movie was a hit because of its eclectic group of people and animals.
6. Scarface starring Al Pacino was centered around the rise and fall of a Cuban American drug lord. Still rated as an excellent movie.

These are just some of the top movies that were made in Miami but there have been many others that turned out to be flops.

Most of the movies are made around Miami Beach and South Beach. The days when the movie is shot is rarely announced to prevent crowd congestion and photo seekers. But if you hang around South Beach regularly, chances are you will see some type of movie being made almost on any given day.

Many other movies are made in the luxury mansions owned by professional athletes and celebs. Because of the need for security, chances are you may be able to see the movie crowd gather but it is doubtful if you will get a chance to get close to any celeb. In any case, have your camera handy because you never know what may happen. There have been some occasions in the past when regular people in South Beach have been asked to step in as background or standbys; and for this tiny amount of participation, they are often rewarded with a dinner coupon or free tickets to the movies.

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