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Interview with Actor Pablo Al-Kaalik on Dubai’s Lifestyle in Miami

We interviewed British Actor Pablo Al-Kaalik at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum city residence in Dubai to get an insight into this global city hot spot.

Here in Miami we see Dubai as the playground for the ultra rich and famous with luxury sports cars, yachts, private jets, exquisite restaurants, impeccable beaches and mega shopping malls.

Firstly let’s speak about your exotic name?
Yeah I get this question a lot. My grandmother was Spanish and grandfathers a local Emirati from here in UAE. So visiting here always feels special. Many people don’t realize that Spain had 500 years of Arabic rule. You can still see this in the city names like Alicante (Al-Laqant) or Alhambra (Al-Hamra)

How much have you seen Dubai change?
It’s grown at a rapid pace with Sheikh Mohammed’s and Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan’s continued efforts and plans in making it a leading city globally. Its amazing considering this was all desert not so long ago. They have made islands in the middle of the sea like Palm to tallest buildings like Burj Khalifa…. It’s a total transformation.

Tell our readers what Dubai life is really like?
Other than the glamorous side which you’ve heard, Dubai has a growing Arts & Culture scene. New concerts, opera houses and live acrobatic show like “Le Perle” at V. Since my last visit yoga has become very popular with vegan and organic food spots.. ..bit like something you see in Miami, L.A or London. The upcoming Expo 2020 will something to come visit will be a great addition to the city’s list of festivals.

Gold bars in vending machines? Really?
Just when you think you’ve seen it all! Yes it’s true; you can actually buy gold bars from certain vending machines. It’s surreal and so Dubai.

Are you considering any films in Dubai?
There are some great film locations for a certain vision. The online audience is just as big , which makes options more interesting. I can definitely see myself working here in the future. For now it’s to relax and unwind.

What kind of film can you see being made?
I would say action thriller, something like American film Director “Ric Roman Waugh’s” recent Angel has fallen which joins the film franchise. In recents years DIFF (Dubai International Film Festival) has become very popular festival, so the industry is definitely attracting attention.

Are you a beach or city guy?
I try to alternate between beach and city. When in Dubai I normally pick beach, but this time I was recommended “Hilton Al-Habtoor City” & “Habtoor Palace”. I’m so glad I stayed here as it’s a real city gem with world class service, suites and facilities. It’s also home to some great night spots like BOA. The Al-Habtoor family group really took care of me.

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Interview with Actor Pablo Al-Kaalik on Dubai’s Lifestyle in Miami

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
Published in: life

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