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Interview with Pablo Olewski

Tell our readers about yourself, about childhood, what is your background? How did you become an actor, how did your acting career begin?
I was brought up by my mother who was a classical pianist. She loved art and the movies from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, so I naturally begun taking and interest on them. I really dug the Marx Brothers, the old epics like Ben-Hur and adventure comedies like The Crimson Pirate. At the time I naively thought that all the magic and wonder was created exclusively by the actors on screen and their incredible magnetism (little did I know). I envied them and the admiration they provoked in people. I wanted to be one of them, so I joined the drama club in high school and later enrolled various acting academies. I was disappointed by most of them, so after a few years of jumping from one to the next I just started gigging. I accepted any paying job to do with being a performer: sport events mascot, actor at hen parties, street entertainer, I did it all. Then, after a while I landed a couple of small roles in films in Spain, and that kick started it all.

What is the most difficult thing for you in acting?
As a craftsman, learning lines and exploring the character is the most tedious part for me. I enjoy being in the moment and rolling with whatever happens during the take, and all that homework, although essential, is a pain in the back end for me.

As a tradesman, I find all the politics and selling-your-brand side of things exhausting. In an ever growing politically correct industry where, nevertheless, murderers come with smiles more than ever before, it is hard to stay grounded and happy with yourself and your work.

What is the most memorable role or acting? With whom did you happen to work from prominent personalities? And who would you like to work with?
I will always remember working with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard on Allied. The whole scale of the production was intimidating, but you could see we were all in good hands and that everything had been prepped exhaustively. Then, well, I had worked with big names in the past, but when Mr. Pitt stepped on set for the first time, you could feel the star power he so effortlessly irradiates. The whole room went still for a moment. There were a good 150 people there. Impressive, as well as his performance and professionalism, throughout the whole shoot.

What is the most amazing place where you had to act?
Even though it has been quite a while since my last time, the most impressive place for me to perform is just…the street. There is no better experience than acting with a live audience in a historical setting (plenty of those in Europe). Especially, when you’re doing Shakespeare or a classical piece. Every show is a whole new experience with unforeseen results. It is acting in its purest form, but unfortunately you have to be very lucky to make a living from that kind of gig.

Have you filmed in Miami or somewhere in Florida? What is your favorite Miami movie?
I have been to Florida a couple of times and loved its beaches, the food and how easy it was to get around speaking Spanish. I used to have a Florida based agent when I was working in Mexico City because there are plenty of Mexican-American co-productions, with Telemundo and the Spanish speaking media. Unfortunately, I never got to work over there but it’s something I definitely have to do before I kick the bucket.

What is your goal as an actor? What is your dream role?
My goal as an actor is to keep my sanity and a good work / life balance. Also, to do the best job I can every time. Dreaming is great and very necessary, but I find equally important to be aware of the hard work and the hours that need to be put into anything if you want to make it good. The sacrifice and the resilience necessary to survive in an industry that is highly competitive. My goal is to not lose sight of all these things and keep doing what I’m doing.

What would you recommend to aspiring actors?
My advice to aspiring actors is just do your thing and don’t think too much about anything else. There will be plenty of people making noise around you, giving you unrequested advice. Only listen to those you really trust. Always go with your gut feeling and be brave enough to say no to anything that feels wrong. Don’t eat too much on set and brush your teeth after lunch.

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Interview with Pablo Olewski

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
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