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For businessmen, wine lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts, I have a piece of good news for you! After several studies and innovation process to make an outstanding product that will surely benefit its target market, KingsBottle combined the enviable elements in wine coolers and refrigerators to produce quality products available in each unit they sell. Their world-renowned wine chiller fridges are widely available for everyone from Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels to home bars or cabinets of discerning connoisseurs and flourishing enthusiasts.

Kingsbottle values integrity and quality in producing high graded equipment to provide your needs and exceed your expectations. They appreciate the hard work of each person involved in producing world-class bottles of wine that is why they are working their best to produce sought after and admirable wine refrigerators to suffice the need and maintain the goodness in each drop of wine.

KingsBottle USA offers a wide array of wine coolers and chillers that will surely suit your needs, it may either be for business or at home KingsBottle have it all for you. You can choose from their vast varieties of products that offers renowned durability and are crafted with only the highest quality materials: stainless steel, the gas-charged tempered safety glass. Each is built with class and are made to last without sacrificing its aesthetics. Aside from their remarkable standard, each cooler is designed to perfection, they will surely suit your meticulous taste.

Each product features:

  • State-of-the-Art Temperature Controls - Their single-zone units are equipped with ultra-precise Carel control modules. The embodiment of Italian engineering, Carel is renowned for dependable and well-founded accuracy in wine chiller and fridge applications. Their dual-zone integrated units with a quality digital control board and display to manage the two separate but connected zones, guaranteeing ideal temperature without picking a wine style to support.
  • Embraco Compressors - The heart of every wine cooler available in the market, is its compressor’s quality to which it can significantly create an impact on the effectiveness of your wine chiller fridge. They have paired their famous cooling fans with Embraco compressors to match the client’s quiet and efficient needs with necessary solid toughness.
  • Full 2-year Warranty -They are not purely after business nor sell wine refrigerators online only, they build lasting relationships. They stand behind their products for two years from the date of purchase because they know they offer the absolute best wine chiller fridge for your money.


It is seldom that you can find a product that matches all your needs and expectation, from style, durability, and innovation but with KingsBottle you can have it all without compromising anything at an affordable price. They guarantee the best storage solution your bottles of wine for years to come. For further information and a peek to their products photos are available below.

If you want to have the best that stands out among the rest and could perform well beyond the test of time, go with KingsBottle, they surely know how to take care of your valued wine collections.

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Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
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