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Glory Ang Presents New Collection on Runway at Miami Fashion Week

Miami Fashion Week Day 4 - Glory Ang presents her stunning new collection on the runway at Ice Palace Film studios in downtown Miami.

Feminity is celebrated as Glory Ang conquers the runway with her summer-inspired printed collection.
Indeed summer sizzled hot but fashion took over as she showcased her wonderful creations. Everyone felt the refreshment amidst of temperate season with her flowy, unique and wonderful collection line. Glory Ang born in the City of Cartagena, Columbia, again proved her Catagenera symbol of creativity, exquisiteness and daring style in the best way anyone can. She always surprises everyone with how she portrays innovation, class and unique prints in all her creations and she never fails to do so. With a touch of vintage charm, precise and simple cuts, the elegance of festivity of color combinations she surely can pull up dresses that are worth every penny.
No wonder she made her own trademark in the fashion industry. No one would think twice of wearing the creation she brought on stage, each piece is so inviting to wear. A perfect outfit for summer, as they say, undeniably Glory acclaimed her name once again with the parade of brilliance and creativity that was showcased on the runway. What every your body type is, surely Glory has a perfect dress to style you up and make you look fabulous. Even in summer Glory Ang never fails to incorporate style and sophistication in all her works.

Photos below from MIAFW Glory Ang Runway Fashion Show

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Glory Ang MIAFW Runway Fashion Show

Article's Author: SFL Style Olga K.
Published in: nightlife

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