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Miami’s Newest Salon A Sight For Sore Eyes

Salon specializes in restorative techniques for brows, lashes


Miami March 13, 2019 – For Lash, Brow & Beauty owner Kay Sesay, when it comes to the secret to a memorable look, the eyes have it.


“If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows must be the frames,” says Kay. “No matter what the interaction, as long as you’re face to face with someone, they’re probably going to be looking at your eyes.”


That’s why when the time came for Kay to open her own salon, focusing on the eyes seemed to be a natural fit. Kay and her team are trained in multiple techniques to optimize, restore and repair brows, from microblading to waxing to permanent makeup and brow replacement.


“Women are really rough on their lashes and brows,” says Kay. “All the tweezing, plucking, mascara and other damaging beauty routines we put our eyes through can take their toll. That’s why we specialize in restorative techniques to help repair some of that damage and create a look that is natural, healthy and beautiful.”

Miami Salon A Sight For Sore Eyes photo before before
Miami Salon A Sight For Sore Eyes photo after after


Among the services offered by Sesay and her team:
Brow Wax and Tint
Henna Brows
3D Microblading
Ombre Brows
Permanent Makeup
Spray Tanning

Though the salon just opened in March, Lash, Brow & Beauty is already receiving five-star reviews on Yelp! for its innovative techniques and attention to detail. The salon also offers classes for those who want to learn the secrets behind their techniques.


To schedule an interview with Kay or to learn more about the salon, contact Lash, Brow & Beauty at (786) 265-8080.

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Miami’s Newest Salon A Sight For Sore Eyes

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