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Atmosphere diffusion and its Miami unique marketing concept

It all began about a quarter of a century ago when Atmosphere Diffusion became the leader in sensory marketing. Located in Paris, France and operations in Geneva, Switzerland as well, Atmosphere Diffusion created a huge interest in regards to the olfactory concept they had developed.
Research has shown that the sense of smell is the most powerful of all senses in regards to making a statement and one which has proved its worth by tapping into the memory centers of the brain‑deep inside the brain.
Scents are remembered by customers for long periods of time; so brand awareness would be established, especially every time they would return to that particular location where they were first exposed to it.
The concept was far ahead of its time and was new to Europe and the idea caught on very fast with many outlets. A wide spectrum of businesses employ it to this day.

Atmosphere diffusion and its Miami unique marketing concept

Large departmental stores, amusement parks, nightclubs, car dealerships, theaters, gyms, restaurants, property management companies and many more have incorporated the concept as part of their marketing and sales strategy ; and thanks to a more than satisfactory results they decided to continue employing the olfactory concept in all of their locations.
Atmosphere Diffusion developed around 50 unique fragrances which are diffused with custom patent diffuser. They do not emit droplets, residue or deposits.
The diffusers developed by Atmosphere Diffusion employ a unique patented technology which creates an ultra fine mist which helps the fragrance diffuse “better, wider and cleaner”
Better: fragrances and technology, Wider: area surface covered, Cleaner: no residues or droplets. At every stage of the manufacturing process, diffusers are checked for quality and only released to be installed at the customer’s location after satisfactory results of the quality process.
The installations are also subject to the QA testing to ensure that diffusers are installed at the optimal location within the facility to provide the best results possible.

Atmosphere diffusion and its Miami unique marketing concept

A new branch of the European native company set up operations in the United States two years ago with a base in Miami, Florida bringing the pioneers of the olfactory concept to the American continent . The successful expansion was made possible due to Atmosphere Diffusion’s exquisite selection of unique fragrances, technologically advanced diffusers and efficient customer services. The diffusers are carefully crafted within Atmosphere Diffusion premises to ensure they are customized and optimized on every level to ensure optimal results to its clients. Every fragrance crafted is carefully tested for its originality, uniqueness and efficiency. All fragrances are produced in Grace, located in the South of France. Other major fragrance producers such as Chanel also use the same factories to produce theirs perfumes insuring their high standards are maintained. This is just another example of how the olfactory concept is fast catching and thanks to its unparalleled successful results a true contender and most likely the must have in any company’s marketing arsenal.

Make sure to visit their website www.atmospherediffusion.com

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Atmosphere diffusion and its Miami unique marketing concept

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