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Interview with Miami Attorney Dennis Gonzalez Jr.

Mr. Gonzalez is a former Miami-Dade Prosecutor with extensive trial experience at both the State and Federal level. His professional areas of Practice - Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Property Insurance i.e., Homeowner's Insurance.

Miami Attorney, Mr. Gonzalez provides boutique service ultra personal service for high-end clientele. This allows for highly tailored, highly specific, customized legal services for innocent people that are wrongfully accused of Federal and/or State crimes in Miami, FL. Mr. Gonzalez provides these clients with direct access to his private cell phone number, regular meetings either in jail or in person, and constant close contact with loved ones and family friends.

SFL Style: How did you get involved in Criminal Defense?

Mr. Gonzalez: I am a Miami Native, born and raised. I grew up in Miami, FL in the 1980’s during the era of drugs, cocaine traffickers, and of course watching Miami-Vice. My fascination with the Criminal Justice system started during the 1980’s and only grew as time went on. I didn’t set out to become an attorney, however, given my strong ties to the community, and seeing people close to me go to prison intellectually ingrained within me the desire to defend and advocate for what I believe to be a system that is unfairly tilted in favor of the government at both the State and Federal levels.

SFL Style: Is the Criminal Justice system in Miami-Dade County fair to the Defendant?

Mr. Gonzalez:The Criminal Justice system, not only in Miami-Dade County, but just about everywhere is unfairly skewed in favor of the government. Unfortunately, for those who cannot afford a private attorney they have no option but to rely on the services of a public defender who typically lacks time and resources to devote to the client and the case.

SFL Style: What is the most common type of Crime you are dealing with no in your practice?

Mr. Gonzalez: Right now, I am mostly dealing with Health Insurance fraud and/or Drug Trafficking. It appears that both the State and Federal government are cracking down not only on Medicare/Medicaid fraud but also private insurance fraud as well. I have a lot of experience handling Drug Trafficking and Fraud crimes and an experienced investigative staff to handle these types of charges in Miami, FL and throughout Florida.

SFL Style: How do you see your role as a Criminal Defense attorney in the Criminal Justice System?

Mr. Gonzalez: As a Criminal Defense Attorney, the role I play is to be a check on the awesome prosecutorial might of the government. Unfortunately, when someone is arrested or indicted, most people think that person is automatically guilty. It is our job, as Criminal Defense Attorneys, to use the constitution, case law, statutes, procedures, and our powers of persuasion to try to turn the tide and check that prosecutorial power. Even when a person is clearly guilty, they should only be punished to the extent they deserve, not to the extent an overzealous prosecutor desires. When this is the case, we have to unpack the details of the crime, and advocate for a just sentence or plea bargain.

SFL Style: What is the most frequent advice you give your clients?

Mr. Gonzalez: I am always telling my clients that they need to think about the next step in their case, not the final one. My reasoning is that the next step, impacts the one after it, which ultimately alters the entire outcome of a case. So, I am always warning my clients not to get ahead of themselves. This is understandably difficult to do when faces with prison time. However, all criminal defendants have to employ a cold calculous when facing criminal prosecution. It will take time, admittedly, given that these situations are inevitably fraught with an overwhelming sense of confusion, fear, and unfamiliarity with the criminal justice system. However, with time, patience, legal and family support for the person accused, that overwhelming sense diminishes to a manageable level.

SFL Style: How can people find you?

Mr. Gonzalez: It is very easy, just call me at 305-209-0384 or go to my website: www.CriminalDefense.xyz

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Interview with Miami Attorney Dennis Gonzalez Jr.

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