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Jamming Heart Nightclub in Miami

If you’re into getting down and not necessarily getting all dolled up, Heart is for you. It’s clustered around Elleven, The Hangar and Space and it’s open until 11am sometimes. There are three floors, downstairs is usually open format or house, the second floor is hip hop and the third floor is more Techno. I love hip hop and techno so I can always switch floors whenever I feel like it. It is an 18+ club, but unfortunately you have to be 21+ to enjoy the third floor.

It’s super chilled, the people just want to have fun and they’re definitely not as bougie as the people in South Beach which is sometimes very annoying and pretentious. I went out with two girl friends and we partied until 7am! There wasn’t any special/out of town DJ it was merely a great night. Here’s a tip if you’re not a local; there are promoter tables that are always looking for girls to attend their table, it is usually free VIP and alcohol. You just have to find a reliable promoter that will host you well. As for guys it is always a bit more difficult, however, if you pre-game in FIU you can take a party bus and enjoy free entrance. Space is also a good nightclub if you’re into techno, but Heart just has a special something. I can genuinely say that my second time at Heart was one of the best nights I’ve had in Miami, thus I highly recommend you go!

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Jamming Heart Nightclub in Miami

Article's Author: Adriana
Published in: nightlife

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