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Swinging - sex with strangers in Miami

Depending on whom you believe and what you read, Miami is a swinger’s paradise. It is estimated that in the USA nearly 1-4% of the population swings. These numbers are gross under estimates because not many people go about bragging about this social DELIGHT. Most people who swing once usually do it again and again. And next to California, people who live in Florida are into swinging, big time. Besides private clubs, much of the swinging takes place behind hidden doors in hotels and private homes.

Modern day swinging is not a new thing at all; the romans participated in orgies thousands of years ago. The big difference today is that one does not need to be roman to participate; otherwise, the sexual excitement is the same.

So where can one swing in South Florida?

There are 5 clubs in south Florida who cater to this business. All are private and all require a membership or an entrance fee. Except for Dennie's Hideaway, most of these clubs to turn away single men but gorgeous single women are allowed in, sometimes for free. Any male with a female is allowed in for a small fee ($20-$75). Memberships cost any where from $100-$300 a year. In these clubs there is a place to eat, dance, play pool, swim and then people usually go upstairs to romp.

These clubs have experienced swingers and those wishing to try things out for the first time. In most cases, first time couples have fantasies that they just want to fulfil.

At all these clubs the atmosphere is laid back, the music is often sexy and erotic, you get to consume a few drinks, dance, get to know each other for a few minutes and once the lights dim, people venture into different rooms to experience nirvana. The five swinger clubs are all different, cater to slightly different clientele and they all have their own rules.

The five major swing clubs in south Florida are the following:

1. Club hedonism is one of the oldest and it is a bit classier than the others. The décor is simple because people come here to F..K and not admire the artwork. There are beds of every size to fit multiple couples at a time. Plus, sex toys and condoms are within easy reach. Past midnight, the music is usually drowned by sexually explicit sounds of pleasure and satisfaction.

2. Dennie’s Hideaway is another swing club but probably at the lower end of the scale. Dennie’s Hideaway is in NW Broward and has the most relaxed rules and one can find all sorts of people here of every race and color. The atmosphere is very casual. Here everyone is allowed, even single men who are simply looking to score. Everything about the place is tacky and there are usually more men then women. However, some women prefer this place because they get a lot more attention and also get more satisfied in bed because the supply chain is long.

3. Miami Velvet caters to the young South Beach crowd and has a warm interior with much better decor and furnishings. It also enforces a strict dress code.

4. The Rooftop resort is a hotel in Hollywood and the majority of the swingers are Europeans and South Americans. While the hotel freely admits to having nudity on the premiss, swinging starts in the late evenings.

5. The Trapeze is located in Fort Lauderdale and attracts a slightly older crowd. Here the other orgies and group sex of every type that you can possible think off occurs. It is a popular club with a large membership. Even at $75 entrance fee this place is often packed over the weekends- well that is not bad money for getting laid.

The hook up process in these swing clubs is simple; it is usually the female who eyes the man, then agrees to have a drink, perhaps a dance and then wonders off in a secluded area to know the person better. The men usually are not fussy; they are looking for anything on two legs and ready to hump a camel if there is one nearby.

The one rule at all the clubs is that there is no groping or touching of other people without consent. If you do that than you will be warned and thrown out, if you do it again.

Besides these clubs there are many swinging web sites in Florida that allow you to connect with other swingers. These web sites make it easy to connect. Mind you in some of these places the women are gorgeous and most are in great shape.

Swinging is not for everyone and while it does sound exciting and erotic it can ruin your relationship with your partner. More important, swinging can give you a nasty sexually transmitted infection like herpes or HIV.

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Swinging in South Florida

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