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Twerking From Detroit to Miami

Miami Twerk Work Out by Body Shop Xperts

Article's Author: SFL Style
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The definition of “twerk” – a dance in a sexually provocative manner that involves thrusting hip movements while squatting low. That is not something they teach you in class…

Unless… Unless it is a twerk-out class by the Body Shop Xperts. That is correct; the girls from the Body Shop Xperts are the experts on twerk dance. What started, few years ago, as a fun way to exercise and work out, now became a fully blown, nation-wide business. The idea blew up over night and now girls from BSX get booked all over the United States, from East coast to West coast, from Detroit to Miami. They will teach any woman who is willing to explore her adventurous side how to twerk.

In July the girls were visiting Miami to teach a few classes to the local ladies, so SFL Style wanted to find out directly from the owners of Body Shop Xperts what the hype is all about. By the way, this is not their first visit to Miami area. The girls have been booked here in Miami and Miami Beach number of times before, so they are no strangers to our beautiful city.

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