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Guide to Getting around in Miami

Getting around in Miami without car

Article's Author: SFL Style contributor
Publish date: Wednesday, July 13, 2017

Miami is a major metropolis and getting around the city can be difficult. Many visitors who arrive in Miami immediately rent a car and then discover that the highways are often jammed packed. Plus, drivers in Miami are not courteous, are usually angry and have drive like maniacs. Plus, Miami is not an easy place to park your car - parking rates are also exorbitant and even when you park in some places with no signs, you can easily get your car towed - because only Miamians know what absence of signs mean. And when you get on the highways, do not forget there are tolls. So unless there is a dire need for a car, the best advice is to avoid renting one. Not only is this venture expensive but more likely than not, you will spend half the vacation sitting in the car trying to get somewhere.

Since most tourists either stay in Miami or South beach, there are several other ways to get around.

Taxi: Like all major cities, cabs in Miami are expensive but are readily available. No matter where you want to go, expect to pay minimum of $25. Unless your company or business is paying for the taxi, avoid them, as they are not worth the expense. If you are at the airport, perhaps you may decide on a taxi but there are coaches that can take you downtown for one-fifth the price. Miami Metro also services the airport and is perhaps the best way to go downtown.

Try Uber: Uber is slowly establishing itself in Miami and is readily available to take you to most places. Try and do not avoid Uber during rush hours because it is still cheaper than a regular taxi.

Public transport: once you download the public transport apps you will realize what services are available and it is not bad. The fare starts at $2.25 and just about takes you anywhere. Granted there are delays with buses but overall Miami has a great public bus system.

Metro system: Miami also has a Metro system, which is quite efficient. It also interconnects with the bus services and essentially takes you to most places in Miami. The fare is the same as the bus but if you interconnect to a bus you pay an additional 60 cents. This is perhaps one of the best ways to commute in this city. Granted it does not take you to every corner of the city, but for the price and efficiency, it is a reliable form of transportation.

Walking: if you are in Miami beach or South beach, then walking is the best way to get around; everything in these two major touristic areas is within walking distance but mind you Miami does get hot and humid. So if you prefer to walk, do it in the morning or evenings. If you plan to walk during the midday, buy an umbrella and carry couple of water bottles on you.

Bicycles: Miami has finally realized the value of the bicycle and now there are bicycle trails all over the beach area. Bikes can be rented and you can go almost anywhere in South beach on them. There is also a bike share program in South beach and Miami Beach. Mind you, like walking, you will need to carry water, deodorant, and an extra shirt. The one major problem with bicycles in Miami is that there is always some animosity between roller bladders, pedestrians and cyclists. Plus, all there have to watch out for cars.

Finally Miami also has trolleys and that are free in some parts; in South beach they costs 25 cents for a ride. The trolleys travel a limited distance and are only operate in limited areas.

If you plan to go to Miami, there are many transportation apps available for downloading. These apps will give you an insight of where you can go, what times the transportation system operates and the cost. Miami is not a major tourist destination for no reason- it does have efficient means to get around as long as you avoid the roads in a car.

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