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Supercon Miami Beach

Supercon Miami Beach

Article's Author: SFL Style writer
Publish date: Monday, July 04, 2016

This past 4th of July weekend marked as one of the biggest events in every Florida geek’s life, not because it’s the day USA celebrates its independence, but because of another American cultural phenomenon – Supercon. Yes that’s right Supercon 2016 was back here on Miami Beach in full swing for another successful year. It was back with a BANG - thousands and thousands of people attended the 4 day event. I personally never have seen so many people at the Miami Beach convention for any other event, not even when Exxotica (the one with naked women, porn stars poll dancing and kissing each other) was in town.

I got to tell you, the event was super awesome. You had people of all types of ages, backgrounds, cultures dressed up in their favorite super hero costumes, come together to share their passion for these fantasy culture and to meet the creators of their favorite science fiction elements in person. Often you could see a whole entire family dressed up as a team – mom, dad, kids – all wearing matching superhero outfits… Now get a grandma in there and you got yourself an awesome super family. :)

One thing I personally found a bit strange is that there weren’t anyone dressed in Superman costume and I don’t recall seeing Batman either. I guess they are not as popular as they were back in the days. One thing for sure there was plenty of Star Wars characters, Spiderman, and Deadpool. Actually Deadpool seemed to be the most popular superhero this year.

Supercon convention featured a lot of industry leading stars and also talented new comers. Visitors could get autographs and picture taken with their favorite actors, animators, or voice-over personas. Lots of memorabilia and collectable items were available for purchase. The organizers of the event and people at the Miami Beach convention center truly did an amazing job by accommodating so many people in a convenient, and very organized manner.

Florida SuperCon is defiantly an event for anyone. Even if you are not into comics or superheros or fantasy worlds it is still an experience for entire family that you won’t forget any time soon.

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