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Spring Break Time in Miami Beach

Spring Break on Miami Beach

Article's Author: SFL Style writer
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Are you ready for Spring Break? Are you tired of studying and worrying about tests? Well, Miami Beach is an ideal destination. Not only are students welcomed but there endless opportunities for fun and games when you join as many as 300,000 other young people who are ready to relax and party.

While some Miami locations have invoked strict rules regarding Spring Break participants, Miami Beach remains one that is 'student friendly' and therefore is one of the most popular with Spring Break enthusiasts. It is open-minded to students who enjoy a good party and is a magnet for those who like the unusual.

When planning on a Spring Break in Miami Beach it is important to get your lodging lined up, check out the best restaurants, and find out where the most action is going to be (i.e. beach, boardwalk, downtown etc.) prior to arrival. This will allow you to start your adventure the minute you arrive.

Miami Beach hotels welcome Spring Break participants and you will really save money if you book one that will allow more than two people. Many of these locations offer "extras" such as hot tubs, free beer at 4 o'clock, entertainment and so forth. The Clevelander Hotel, for example, offers a different entertainment every night. This includes things like contests, Ladies Night, cocktails half price all night or Thursday Night Carnivale where there are specialty acts, dance performances and a live DJ.

Another place to explore is Nikki Beach. This is a large oceanfront compound that faces the ocean and has a restaurant, nightclub, cabana bar and a boutique. From March 16th through March 20th a Nikki Music Conference will be held. This is a chance to hear the very best DJs presenting the latest popular music.

Pearl Lounge with its burlesque shows, Mango's Tropical Cafe, which features salsa bands, delicious tropical drinks and sexy dancers in skin tight hot pants, and the Opium Garden, where the majority of the dance floor is outside, are just a few of the exhilarating nightclubs to visit.

Of course, the beach itself is an exciting place to be whether playing games, swimming or just walking around. That is where you will find a huge crowd during the day and presents a chance to meet hundreds of new people. The purpose of Spring Break is to have fun and that is what you will find at Miami Beach.

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