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Kids and family friendly restaurants in Miami area

Even though Miami is an “adult” town but when it comes to eating, the children have more choices. There are restaurants galore all over Miami and most cater to children. There are many types of restaurants and they offer a wide range of cuisine for kids. Besides the usual fast food chains, there are local Ma and Pa restaurants, which offer exciting menus and beautiful scenery. However, Miami restaurants can also be pricey so you have to know where to go. Here we offer you tips on children friendly restaurants that are also affordable.

If your kids love Mexican food, then visit Uncle Julio’s Fine Mexican Cuisine. With its huge dining room and a large outdoor patio, this is a great place for kids. The atmosphere is laid back. Menu ranges from tacos, nachos and quesadillas and some great ice cream. The place does get crowded during the weekends so do get there early.

Dune Dog Café is an open air hot dog joint in Jupiter and appeals to people of all ages. It serves foods that are kid friendly like fries, nachos, burgers and hot dogs. The people are friendly, the service is great and the food is cheap. Kids will love this place.

One of the best franchise operating out of Miami is BurgeryFi. With it shakes, burgers and sundaes it has menus made specially for kids The restaurant offers all types of fuzzy drinks and the food tastes great.
If you have kids who make a mess of their foods and never eat it, go to Quarterdeck on Cordova road. On Wednesday, kids less than 12 dine for free, provided an adult purchases a full meal. Kids get a meal with a drink and even an ice cream.

With Miami’s hot weather, you can expect a few cream shops but none is better than Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor restaurant. Serving more than just ice cream it is a favorite among people of all ages. You can get sundaes topped with sprinkles, many types of sugary treats, hand dipped milk shakes and ice cream of every flavor you can possible think off.

Fuddrucker's is a place where you can never go wrong. Loud, congested and lots of lights, not to mention the hot dogs and Oreo shakes, this is the place to come to-but not on weekend as it is crowded.

For pizza take your kids to Spris Artisan Pizza. This quiet and relaxed joint in South beach has great affordable menu that includes tasty garlic bread, home made pasta and delicious meatballs.

Another up and coming place is Shake Shack. This burger chain offers all types of kid menus such as hot dogs, ice cream, cake chunks and great crunchy fries.

These are only a few places where kids can have a great time, but there are plenty more. Miami has cafes and restaurants on every street. If your kids are fussy and you run out off ideas, then do not worry; you can always go to KFC or McDonalds, which all kids love.

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Kid and family friendly restaurants in Miami area

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