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Haunted Houses in Miami

Haunted Houses in Miami

Article's Author: Kristal Tracey
Publish date: October 04, 2018

Miami and South Florida on a whole is full of history and traditions that makes it the city it is today. These telling stories are of horrifying tragedy that placed spells and curses upon explorers that dared to enter many years ago. Conjuring up beliefs that some locals to date still believe is true. Haunted houses in Miami and surrounding areas each year recant these stories sending chills and gills down the spine of ever brave soul who dared to come face to face with any of these ghoulish houses. No matter what your view on Halloween is Miami seems to always come through. Follow me on this path as we journey down an insanely fun yet horrifying journey to bring to you the various haunted houses in Miami. Haunted houses are always a major highlight when it comes to celebrating Halloween. They consist of actors with the most amazing makeup ever, scary Hollywood sets, mind blowing props; only the best for your delight beyond belief. Haunted houses are exciting, terrifying, fun, and spooky but the most important part is you are bound to enjoy every heart ranching moment of it.

House of Horror Amusement Park at International Mall
The House of Horror Amusement Park at International Mall in Doral is the epitome of haunted houses. Back in 1926 a horrible hurricane hit South Florida killing over a thousand people most of whom was a part of a carnival company. Last year House of Horror staff reported that somehow carnival rides would loose and gain speed all on their own….spooky right? But wait there’s more, recently it was discovered that the bodies of the carnival company workers were in fact buried beneath House of Horrors…..whoooaaaa! Now with that being said this haunted house in not for the faint of hearts. With over 30 frightening characters, various scream for your life scenes covering two acres House of Horror is a must visit. House of Horrors not only about haunted houses they also offer live entertainment from Chain-smokers, carnival rides, tasty treats and circus sideshow from Hellzapoppin.

Dr. Wilde’s Creep House
Spooky Zoo nights, Miami runs from October 16 to October 31. Get the dear life spooked out of you at Dr. Wilde’s Creepy Haunted House. Patrons can enjoy ghoulish rides, creepy crawling’s and of course tasty Halloween treats. For all the brave souls out there Spooky Zoo night’s promises to make every deep dark fear come to life. Come on out and enjoy the many different spook-tacular characters roaming around.

Enigma Haunt
Follow me as we travel down to the deep dark abyss for a tantalizing yet horrifying experience of a lifetime at the Enigma Haunt. Covering 19000 square feet to create a haunt like none you’ve ever seen. Enigma haunt features three spook-tacular houses: Pandemic, Into Oblivion and Realms of Terror are you brave enough? These haunted houses among many others are a must visit throughout your Halloween celebrations. Happy spooking!

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