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Halloween on Lincoln Road - Miami Beach

Halloween Night on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

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Publish date: October 26, 2018

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday that everyone loves to celebrate. This special time of year allows revelers to dress up in their favorite costumes whether they want to be a politician, cartoon character, monster or sausage. If you’re in the Miami Beach area, you know how important it is to prepare for this special day. Thanks to nearest the Party City located on Biscayne Boulevard, you can purchase everything you need from makeup and accessories to costumes and decorations. You can also buy items in advance from Amazon.

The main action takes place in Miami Beach on Lincoln Road. Although it’s common to see people normally dressed in conservative suits, Halloween is a special time of year to let loose and put on a costume. Overflowing crowds typically gather well after 9 pm and into the night. Lincoln Road has something for everyone with its restaurants and cafes decorated to celebrate this ghoulish holiday. Popular horror films don’t have anything on Miami, so come get your scary on. Take pictures with your favorite scary characters, hug, drink and be merry.

Although you can venture to a private party, dance club or restaurant on Halloween, you won’t see anything like you would on Lincoln Road in Miami. This day is something different from the rest as it pays special homage to fake blood, guts, gore, axes in heads, scary clowns, pirates and characters out of your favorite horror movie. You can also dress your baby or dog in costume and head to Miami for a night of unforgettable fun and excitement. Don’t forget your smartphone, tablet or camera to mark the occasion and share photos with your friends and family members. It’s sure to be a “Bootastic” night you won’t want to forget.

Photos by Miami based photographer Brian Gallego @eclectic_photos
International model based in Miami Claudia Romani @claudia_romani
Tiffany Rayan - Hostess at Fontainebleau Miami Beach and Fitness Instructor at LA Fitness Signature Club @tiffanyrayan,
Lucasluca - Italian dancer/choreographer based in Miami @lucasluca, @mspatri and @mioaradragomir

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